Beyond Artificial Intelligence: The Disappearing Human-Machine Divide (Topics in Intelligent Engineering and Informatics)

This ebook is an edited selection of chapters in keeping with the papers provided on the convention “Beyond AI: man made goals” held in Pilsen in November 2012. the purpose of the convention was once to query deep-rooted rules of man-made intelligence and solid severe mirrored image on equipment status at its foundations.

Artificial desires epitomize our debatable quest for non-biological intelligence and consequently the participants of this publication attempted to totally make the most this kind of controversy of their respective chapters, which ended in an interdisciplinary discussion among specialists from engineering, normal sciences and humanities.

While pursuing the substitute goals, it has develop into transparent that it truly is nonetheless a growing number of tricky to attract a transparent divide among human and laptop. And hence this publication attempts to portrait such a picture of what lies past man made intelligence: we will see the disappearing human-machine divide, a crucial phenomenon of these days technological society, the phenomenon that is usually uncritically praised, or hypocritically condemned. And so this phenomenon discovered its position within the subtitle of the full quantity in addition to within the name of the bankruptcy of Kevin Warwick, one of many keynote audio system at “Beyond AI: man made Dreams”.

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