Dictionary Of Word Roots

By Donald Borror

One of many impressive difficulties of the biologist, even if he be starting pupil or experts, is that of figuring out technical phrases. the right way to comprehend and take into account technical phrases is to appreciate first their part components, or roots. This dictionary has been designed essentially to satisfy the wishes of the start pupil, the scientific pupil, and the taxonomist, however it may be of price to all biologists.

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Grope approximately, contact pselli, -o, «urn (G). A bracelet psellism Stammering •psen (G). (G). A fig insect 82 ptin (NL). Feathered ptis (G). Péel pto, - s , -t (G). Fall ptoch, -o (G). A beggar; crouch •ptoma, -to (G). A fall; a corpse ptorth, -o, «us (G). A sapling ptos, «is (G). A fall, falling ptot (G). Fall pty, -ch, -et, -g, -gm (G). Fold ptya, - 1 , -11, -lo (G). Spit, spittle, saliva ptych, -o (G). A fold ptyct, -o (G). Folded ptyg, -m, «ma, -mat, -o (G). Folded; a fold ptyn, -g, «x (G). The eagle owl ptyon, -o (G). A fan •ptysma, -to (G). Spittle ptyss, -o (G). Fold ptyx, -i (G). Fold, folding puber (L). A ripe age, grownup; downy •pubes (L). The hair showing at puberty; the pubes pubesc (L). Downy pubi, -o; pubo (L). The area of the pubes pud, -en, -i, -ic (L). Be ashamed; bashful pudend, «urn (L). The exterior woman genitals; shameful puell, «a (L). a woman •puer, -i (L). A boy puéril (L). infantile puerper, -i (L). Childbearing puffin, «us (NL). The puffin •pugll, -i (L). A boxer puglll, »us (L). A handful •puglo, -n (L). A dagger pugn, -a, -ac, «ax (L). struggle; battling pugn, -o, «us (L). The fist D i c t i o n a r y of be aware R o o t s pul, «ex, -ic (L). A flea pulch, -ell, «er, - r (L). attractive pull, «us (L). Dusky, dark-colored; a tender poultry pullari, «us (L). A bird keeper pullul, -a (L). Produce younger, sprout •pulmo, -n, -no (L). A lung pulp, «a, -i (L). Flesh, pulp puis, -a, -i, -ilo, -o (L). Beat, push, pulse pult (L). Hurl, beat, knock pult, -i (L). Pottage pulv, -er, «is (L). Powder, dirt pulvi, -11, -n (L). A cushion pum, «ex, -ic (L). A delicate stone pumil, -io, -o (L). A dwarf punct, -i (L). A sting, prick punctat (L). Marked with pricks or punctures pung, -en (L). Prick; penetrating puni, -t (L). Punish punie (L). red; reddish punie, «a (L). The pomegranate doggy, «a, -i (L). A doll; a pupa pupill, «a, -i (L). The student of the attention; a bit lady pur, -i (L). natural; pus purg, -a (L). Cleanse puro (L). natural; pus, irritation purpur, -e (L). red puru (L). Pus, irritation -pus (G). Afoot •pus (L). Pus, irritation pusill (L). Very small pusillanim (L). Faint-hearted pustul, «a (L). A pimple, blister positioned, -a (L). Prune, trim putam, «en, -in (L). A husk, pod putill, «us (L). a bit boy •putor, -i (L). A stench putr, -e, -i (L). Rotten, putrid and Combining F o r m s eighty three py, -e, -o (G). Pus •pyx (G). The rump pycn, -o (G). Thick, dense pyxi, -d, «s (G). A field pyct, «es (G). A boxer Q pyel, -o, «us (G), A trougjh; the quadr, -a, -i (L). 4 pelvis quadragesim (L). The 40th pyg, "a, -o (G). The rump quadrat, -o (L). sq. pygarg, «us (L). a type of eagle; quali (L). What variety a type of antelope quant (L). How a lot pygm (G). A fist; boxing; the quart, -i, -o (L). A fourth distance from the elbow to the quasi (L). approximately, nearly, as knuckles (about 13^inches); notwithstanding a dwarf quass, -at (L). Shaking, shaken pyl, «a, «e, -o (G). A gate, oriquatern (L). through fours fice quatr, -1 (L). 4 pylor, -o, «us (G). Agate-keeper; quer, -e, -i (L). bitch the pylorus querc, -i, «us (L). The oak pyo (G). Pus, irritation quern (L).

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