Electronics for Artists: Adding Light, Motion, and Sound to Your Artwork

By Simon Quellen Field

With today’s sleek technology—LEDs, servomotors, movement sensors, audio system, and more—artwork can include components of sunshine, sound, and movement for dramatic results. writer and educator Simon Quellen box has built a primer for artistic members searching for new how one can show themselves notwithstanding electronically better artwork. Following step by step examples of uncomplicated circuitry and programming, readers can enhance the talents essential to improve their artworks. The e-book additionally positive aspects paintings tasks to aim, together with a bouquet of gleaming vegetation, an LED metronome, a conversing laptop, a sensile robotic, and an easy wheeled robotic. numerous inventive works created through Field’s scholars and in line with those open-ended classes also are incorporated to supply artistic sparks for the readers. For these drawn to programming their circuits, box explores the fundamentals of Energia, a unfastened software program package deal, and offers basic courses to create flashing gentle styles, laptop managed cars, and liquid crystal display textual content monitors.

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