From DNA to Diversity: Molecular Genetics and the Evolution of Animal Design

By Sean B. Carroll

During this landmark paintings, the writer workforce led by means of Dr. Sean Carroll offers the final ideas of the genetic foundation of morphological swap via a synthesis of evolutionary biology with genetics and embryology. during this greatly revised moment version, the authors delve into the newest discoveries, incorporating new insurance of comparative genomics, molecular evolution of regulatory proteins and components, and microevolution of animal improvement.

  • An available textual content, targeting the main recognized genes, developmental approaches and taxa.
  • Builds logically from developmental genetics and regulatory mechanisms to evolution at assorted genetic morphological levels.
  • Adds significant insights from fresh genome stories, new evo-devo biology learn findings, and a brand new bankruptcy on types of edition and divergence between heavily similar species.
  • Provides in-depth concentrate on key suggestions via well-developed case studies.
  • Features transparent, 4-color illustrations and images, bankruptcy summaries, references and a glossary.
  • Presents the learn of Dr. Carroll, a pioneer within the box and the previous president of the Society for Developmental Biology.

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