Greetings from the Teklimakan: A Handbook of Modern Uyghur, Volume 1

By Tarjei Engesæth, Mahire Yakup, Arienne Dwyer

Our objective is to permit a reader to construct language competence, balancing an knowing of grammar with language utilization within the Uyghur social context. it really is an pressing precedence of ours to make a learner-centered linguistically proficient Uyghur language textbook broadly to be had. For a tremendous significant Asian language (and a tremendous minority language of China), there are strangely few Uyghur fabrics on hand for language beginners.

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Oghl+, ism+; we'll name this the ‘abstract stem. ’ within the nominative, an additional, harmonically acceptable vowel is inserted into the consonant cluster of the summary stem, so we get oghul yet isim. during this nominative shape, the ultimate syllable is under pressure (oghul, isim). whilst any suffix is additional, the tension shifts somewhere else; with the possessive suffix, the strain shifts rightward onto the suffix-final syllable: oghlum, ismim; oghlingiz, oghli. less than are a few universal examples; the summary stem by no means happens on my own: both a vowel is extra (in the nominative) or suffixes are further: desk eight four. Disyllabic phrases with CVCC roots(extra V in nominative) summary stem nominative stem gloss 1st p. poss. ism+ identify isim ‫ﺋﯩﺴﯩﻢ‬ ismim ‫ﺋﯩﺴﻤﯩﻢ‬ pikr+ inspiration, opinion pikir ‫ﭘﯩﻜﯩﺮ‬ pikrim ‫ﭘﯩﻜﺮﯨﻢ‬ oghl+ son, boy oghul ‫ﺋﻮﻏﯘل‬ oghlum ‫ﺋﻮﻏﻠﯘم‬ köngl+ center, soul köngül ‫ﻛﯚﯕﯜل‬ könglüm ‫ﻛﯚﯕﻠﯜم‬ waqt+ time waqit ‫ۋاﻗﯩﺖ‬ waqtim ‫ۋاﻗﺘﯩﻢ‬ singl+ more youthful sister singil ‫ﺳﯩﯖﯩﻞ‬ singlim ‫ﺳﯩﯖﻠﯩﻢ‬ aghz+ mouth ëghiz ‫ﺋﯧﻐﯩﺰ‬ aghzim ‫ﺋﺎﻏﺰﯨﻢ‬ third p. poss. ismi ‫ﺋﯩﺴﻤﻰ‬ pikri ‫ﭘﯩﻜﺮى‬ oghli ‫ﺋﻮﻏﻠﻰ‬ köngli ‫ﻛﯚﯕﻠﻰ‬ waqti ‫ۋاﻗﺘﻰ‬ singlisi ‫ﺳﯩﯖﻠﯩﺴﻰ‬ aghzi ‫ﺋﺎﻏﺰى‬ N. B. The summary stem aghz is ëghiz within the nominative, yet reverts to aghz while suffixes are further. 1. three. 2 robust nouns with ultimate rigidity N+y/r(I)m/ng/ngiz and so forth. during this part, we learn possessive suffixation made abnormal through the sound constitution of the nouns. while nouns with multiple syllable result in a under pressure vowel, they upload a y or r to the noun (e. g. polo ‘pilaf,’ poliyingiz ‘your pilaf’), earlier than the 1st and moment own suffixes, 2 C=consonant, V=vowel. 113 Teklimakandin Salam / A guide of contemporary Uyghur (Vol. 1) and so they (b) aren't topic to A-raising. we will be able to consequently name those ‘strong’ nouns. those are regularly loanwords. Turning first to powerful noun stems which upload y or r as in desk five under, we discover that the possessive shape provides a y or r within the first and moment individual, yet no longer within the 3rd individual. deciding upon y or r is a section advanced, and in part nearby: in such a lot elements of Xinjiang and in normal Uyghur, r is strongly hottest for radi’o and dashö; y is most well-liked for tohu (tohuyum and so on. ), notwithstanding r is usually applicable (tohurum, tohuring and so forth. ). yet in Qumul (Hami) Uyghur, y is most popular for all 3. desk eight. five. powerful vowel-final nouns taking possessive +y/r+(I)m and so forth. (because they're under pressure) tohu ‫ﺗﻮﺧﯘ‬ ‘chicken’ SG 1st individual 2d individual intimate second formal third individual 1st individual PL 2d individual intimate third individual tohuyum ‫ﺗﻮﺧﯘﻳﯘم‬ tohuyung ‫ﺗﻮﺧﯘﻳﯘڭ‬ tohuyingiz ‫ﺗﻮﺧﯘﻳﯩﯖﯩﺰ‬ tohusi ‫ﺗﻮﺧﯘﺳﻰ‬ tohuyimiz ‫ﺗﻮﺧﯘﻳﯩﻤﯩﺰ‬ tohuyunglar ‫ﺗﻮﺧﻮﻳﯘﯕﻼر‬ tohusi ‫ﺗﻮﺧﯘﺳﻰ‬ radi’o ‫‘ رادﯨﯯ‬radio’ (pron. radiyo) sprintö ‫داﺷﯚ‬ ‘university’3 radi’orim ‫رادﯨﯯرﯨﻢ‬ radi’oring ( pron. [-juŋ]) ‫رادﯨﯯرﯨﯔ‬ radi’oringiz ‫رادﯨﯯرﯨﯖﯩﺰ‬ radi’osi ‫رادﯨﯯﺳﻰ‬ radi’orimiz ‫رادﯨﯯرﯨﻤﯩﺰ‬ radi’oringlar [-juŋlar] ‫رادﯨﯯرﯨﯖﻼر‬ radi’osi ‫رادﯨﯯﺳﻰ‬ dashörüm ‫داﺷﯚرﯨﻢ‬ dashöring ‫داﺷﯚرﯨﯔ‬ dashöringiz ‫داﺷﯚرﯨﯖﯩﺰ‬ dashösi ‫داﺷﯚﺳﻰ‬ dashörimiz ‫داﺷﯚرﯨﻤﯩﺰ‬ dashöringlar ‫داﺷﯚرﯨﯖﻼر‬ dashösi ‫داﺷﯚﺳﻰ‬ Any monosyllabic noun finishing in a rounded vowel will upload +y, e.

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