Learning MySQL

By Hugh E. Williams, Seyed M.M. Tahaghoghi

Whether you are working a enterprise, maintaining a tally of contributors andmeetings for a membership, or simply attempting to set up a wide and diversecollection of data, you will discover the MySQL database engineuseful for answering questions such as:

  • that are my best ten fastest-selling products?
  • How usually does this individual come to our facility?
  • What used to be the top, lowest, and common ranking of the workforce final season?

MySQL, the most well-liked open-source database, bargains the facility ofa relational database in a package deal that is effortless to establish andadminister, and Learning MySQL presents the entire instruments you wish toget began. This densely packed educational contains detailedinstructions that will help you organize and layout an efficient database,create strong queries utilizing SQL, configure MySQL for improvedsecurity, and squeeze info from your information.

After protecting the fundamentals, the ebook travels a ways into MySQL'ssubtleties, together with advanced queries and joins, how you can have interaction withthe database over the internet utilizing personal home page or Perl, and importanthouse-keeping reminiscent of backups and security.

Topic include:

  • set up on Linux, home windows, and Mac OS X
  • Basic and complicated querying utilizing SQL
  • User administration and security
  • Backups and recovery
  • Tuning for more desirable efficiency
  • Developing command-line and net database functions utilizing thePHP and Perl programming languages

The authors, Saied Tahaghoghi and Hugh E. Williams, have careers inacademia and company, and percentage a willing curiosity in learn intosearch technologies.

Whether you will have by no means touched a database or have already completedsome MySQL initiatives, you can find insights in Learning MySQLthat will final a career.

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Which means in simple terms the 1st 3 characters of firstname are listed, then the 1st characters of secondname, after which 10 characters from surname. it is a major saving over indexing 50 characters from all of the three columns! should you do that, your index could be much less in a position to uniquely determine rows, yet it’ll be a lot smaller and nonetheless quite strong at discovering matching rows. The AUTO_INCREMENT function MySQL’s proprietary AUTO_INCREMENT characteristic enables you to create a distinct identifier for a row with no operating a pick out question. Here’s the way it works. think you drop and re-create the artist desk as follows: mysql> DROP desk artist; question okay, zero rows affected (0. 01 sec) mysql> CREATE desk artist ( -> artist_id SMALLINT(5) no longer NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, -> artist_name CHAR(128) DEFAULT NULL, -> fundamental KEY (artist_id) -> ); question okay, zero rows affected (0. 06 sec) now you can insert rows, with out offering an artist_id: mysql> INSERT INTO artist VALUES (NULL, "The Shamen"); question okay, 1 row affected (0. 06 sec) mysql> INSERT INTO artist VALUES (NULL, "Probot"); question okay, 1 row affected (0. 00 sec) mysql> INSERT INTO artist VALUES (NULL, "The Cult"); question okay, 1 row affected (0. 00 sec) for those who view the information during this desk you'll find that every artist has a significant artist_id: mysql> decide upon * FROM artist; +-----------+-------------+ | artist_id | artist_name | +-----------+-------------+ | 1 | The Shamen | | 2 | Probot | | three | The Cult | +-----------+-------------+ three rows in set (0. 01 sec) every time an artist is inserted, a distinct artist_id is created for the hot row. Let’s contemplate how the hot function works. you'll find that the artist_id column is said as an integer with the clauses no longer NULL AUTO_INCREMENT. The AUTO_INCREMENT key-phrase tells MySQL that once a cost isn’t supplied for this column, the price allotted could be another than the utmost at the moment kept within the desk. The AUTO_INCREMENT series starts at 1 for an empty desk. The now not NULL is needed for AUTO_INCREMENT columns; if you happen to insert NULL (or zero, notwithstanding this isn’t recommended), the MySQL server immediately reveals the following to be had identifier and assigns it to the hot row. you could manually insert detrimental values if the column used to be now not outlined as UNSIGNED; even if, for the subsequent computerized increment, MySQL will easily use the biggest (most optimistic) price within the column, or commence from 1 if there aren't any confident values. The AUTO_INCREMENT function has the subsequent necessities: The column it really is used on has to be listed. The column that's it used on can't have a DEFAULT worth. There will be just one AUTO_INCREMENT column according to desk. MySQL helps diversified desk forms; we’ll examine extra approximately those in desk forms” in bankruptcy 7. whilst you’re utilizing the default MyISAM desk variety, you should use the AUTO_INCREMENT function on keys that contain a number of columns. In our tune database instance, lets create the album desk as follows: mysql> CREATE desk album ( -> artist_id INT(5) no longer NULL, -> album_id INT(4) now not NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, -> album_name CHAR(128) DEFAULT NULL, -> fundamental KEY (artist_id, album_id) -> ); question okay, zero rows affected (0.

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