Mr Gum and the Secret Hideout

By Andy Stanton, David Tazzyman

Shabba me whiskers! It’s a type of Mr Gum books by means of Andy Stanton. They’re purely the craziest, funnest so much striking books for kids within the world.

Mr Gum and the key Hideout stable night. speaking parrots within the rooftops? a massive cactus at the excessive highway? Mosquitos so nasty that even their very own neighbors don’t like them? Something’s long past extraordinarily improper in Lamonic Bibber . . . and Mr Gum is nowhere to be came across. convinced, fogeys, Polly and Friday are dealing with their greatest problem but. So strap yourselves in, cry ‘HI-HO-WEIRDY!’ and prepare for an experience so loopy your toes will soften with happiness! And I’m not only announcing that, I’ve truly noticeable it take place. HOORAY!

Mr Gum and the key Hideout is the 8th e-book within the across the world best-selling sequence by means of Andy Stanton, which has gained every little thing from the Blue Peter publication Award (twice) the Roald Dahl humorous Prize and the crimson residence Children’s e-book Award.

Praise for Mr Gum:

‘Smooky palooki! This booklet is easily brilliant!’ – Jeremy Strong

‘Worryingly fabulous’ – father or mother no longer FOR BORERS!

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I couldn’t listen. I had a few sheep’s lungs in my ear. ’ ‘HA HA! lots for the dep. OF CLOUDS AN’ YOGURTS! ’ laughed Mr Gum, as he watched the heroes being bundled aboard. ‘Looks like we’re unfastened to do our evils in spite of everything! ’ ‘Yeah! ’ stated Billy William the 3rd. And the very last thing Polly observed because the boat pulled away was once Mr Gum and Billy tap-dancing at the barrels of meat, making a song ‘The Ten ideas of Evil’ and slapping their thighs with bits of bone and gristle. Captain Brazil stood on deck, taking a look down with contempt at the prisoners as they struggled within the sailors’ brawny fingers. Then he realised he wasn’t tall sufficient to seem down with contempt at the prisoners as they struggled within the sailors’ brawny fingers, so he stood on a bit stool and regarded down with contempt at the prisoners as they struggled within the sailors’ brawny palms. ‘Throw ’em within the brig! ’ he exclaimed. ‘NO! ’ protested Friday. ‘Not the brig! whatever however the brig! Please, i encourage you – now not the brig! If you’ve an oz. of mercy in you, please – don't throw us within the brig! additionally, what's a “brig”, incidentally? ’ ‘It be the ship’s felony, the place the rats’ll choose at yer toenails to get on the tasty cheese, an’ the weevils’ll make their houses in yer nostrils,’ stated Captain Brazil. or even as he spoke, Brendan Jawsnapper threw open a heavy iron door and tossed the heroes within as simply as though they have been a few luggage of flour. KLANK! went the door. click on! went the lock. ‘OH, THE CAMPTOWN women SING THIS music, DOO DAH! DOO DAH! ’ went the ringtone on Captain Brazil’s cell phone. they usually have been prisoners! bankruptcy eight Ship’s Biscuit And now started a trial so lousy that Friday and Polly might commit it to memory for the remainder of their lives, except Friday, who immediately forgot it once it was once over. For hour upon hour the 2 buddies sat within the chilly damp gloom of the brig, with just a skinny crack of sunshine coming from less than the door in which to work out. now and then a small steel hatch may open and a sailor may throw in a few nutrition. It was once continuously yet a unmarried crumb of bread, aside from one time whilst the hatch opened and in got here 8 roast chickens, gravy, backyard peas, buttered parsnips, a call of aspect salad or highly spiced Cajun potato wedges and a ‘Smiley Meal’ plastic toy. ‘Oops,’ acknowledged the sailor from the opposite part of the hatch. ‘I unintentionally threw the prisoners our supper in its place. ’ yet except this stroke of excellent fortune, it was once a depressing time. the 2 buddies rarely talked, yet sat in silence, Polly puzzling over what was once to develop into of her loved native land of Lamonic Bibber, and Friday contemplating new flavours for yogurts. Slowly, slowly the evening handed because the Sirloin chugged its means upriver, heading for the open sea after which China. The engine thrummed and the massive wheel at the part of the boat grew to become and splashed, grew to become and splashed, became and splashed back. Captain Brazil’s cabin should have been without delay above the brig, for occasionally Polly may perhaps pay attention him stamping round and moaning, ‘Oh, Elizabeth! Elizabeth! come again to me, Elizabeth!

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