By Kenneth Libbrecht

A lovable giftbook jam-packed with excellent colour microphotography of genuine snow crystals through Dr. Snow—Caltech physicist Kenneth Libbrecht. His photographs of snowflakes have seemed in nationwide Geographic, the recent York instances, and at the Martha Stewart express, in addition to quite a few different areas. This thick "cube" booklet is full of a blizzard's worthy of wonderful pictures in addition to literary prices at the fantastic thing about snow

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How jam-packed with the artistic genius is the air during which those are generated! I should still rarely appreciate extra if actual stars fell and lodged on my coat. Nature is stuffed with genius, packed with the divinity; in order that now not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand. not anything is reasonable and coarse, neither dewdrops nor snowflakes. — Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862) 142 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 142 6/23/08 4:31:53 PM 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 143 6/23/08 4:32:34 PM 126-213_Snowflakes. indd one hundred forty four 6/23/08 4:33:29 PM 145 126-213_Snowflakes. indd one hundred forty five 6/23/08 4:34:00 PM S oon the typhoon increases—it was once already very critical to face—and the snow comes finer, extra white and powdery. Who understands yet this is often the unique type of all snowflakes, yet that once I detect those crystal stars falling round me they're yet simply generated within the low mist subsequent the earth? i'm closer to the resource of the snow, its primal, auroral, and golden hour or infancy. — Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862) 146 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 146 6/23/08 4:36:05 PM 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 147 6/23/08 4:36:52 PM 148 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 148 6/23/08 4:37:31 PM 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 149 6/23/08 4:38:01 PM 150 126-213_Snowflakes. indd a hundred and fifty 6/23/08 4:38:54 PM 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 151 6/23/08 4:57:08 PM 152 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 152 6/23/08 4:57:57 PM 153 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 153 6/23/08 4:58:26 PM 154 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 154 6/23/08 4:58:57 PM 126-213_Snowflakes. indd a hundred and fifty five 6/23/08 4:59:34 PM To see an international in a grain of Sand, And a Heaven in a Wild Flower. carry Infinity within the palm of your hand, And Eternity in an hour. —William Blake (1757–1827) 156 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 156 6/23/08 5:00:18 PM 157 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 157 6/23/08 5:00:57 PM 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 158 6/23/08 5:01:53 PM 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 159 6/23/08 5:02:31 PM 126-213_Snowflakes. indd one hundred sixty 6/23/08 5:03:37 PM 161 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 161 6/23/08 5:04:04 PM N ew attractiveness meets us at each step in all our wanderings. —John Muir (1838–1914) 162 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 162 6/23/08 5:06:18 PM 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 163 7/3/08 8:40:37 AM 164 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 164 6/23/08 5:07:31 PM 165 126-213_Snowflakes. indd a hundred sixty five 6/23/08 5:08:00 PM 166 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 166 6/23/08 5:08:39 PM 167 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 167 6/23/08 5:09:09 PM 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 168 6/23/08 5:09:40 PM 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 169 6/23/08 5:10:33 PM F orests, lakes, and rivers, clouds and winds, stars and plant life, stupendous glaciers and crystal snowflakes—every kind of animate or inanimate lifestyles, leaves its provoke upon the soul of guy. —Orison Swett Marden (1850–1924) one hundred seventy 126-213_Snowflakes. indd one hundred seventy 6/23/08 5:11:34 PM 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 171 6/23/08 5:12:08 PM 172 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 172 6/23/08 5:12:37 PM 173 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 173 6/23/08 5:13:01 PM 174 126-213_Snowflakes. indd 174 6/23/08 5:13:37 PM 126-213_Snowflakes. indd one hundred seventy five 6/23/08 5:14:03 PM 176 126-213_Snowflakes.

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