The Andalite Chronicles (Animorphs, Book 12.5)

By K. A. Applegate

Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul is an Andalite conflict prince--the one that gave the Animorphs the facility to morph. "The Andalite Chronicles" is the tale of the way this warrior-cadet ended up on planet Earth a long time 9-12. Pub: 12/97. .

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The scent of the wounded Taxxon, the fevered beating of its center, the .. . NO! i used to be there. There, having a look down on the injured Taxxon via my shattering compound eyes. I plunged my higher physique downward, mouth open, tooth gnashing, able to .. NO! NO! I pulled again. however the strength of that starvation wouldn't unlock me. I motored my dozens of cone legs, pulling again, and the opposite, keen Taxxons driven me apart, heedless. the place have been Arbron and Alloran? i might misplaced them in my mad rush to feed. I pulled again and again farther, every one step like relocating one million kilos. And but I did flow away. The feeding frenzy turned ever extra nightmarish. Taxxons crawled over one another to get on the clean meat. ninety one I controlled to show my large, lengthy computer virus physique round and ran from it. I ran as quickly because the Taxxon limbs could hold me. i discovered a shaded spot lower than one of many towering ship-cradles and that i cowered there, utilizing all my energy to withstand. ultimately, after it slow, the push handed. now not simply because I had grown powerful. yet just because i'll now odor that there has been not more meat left. The Taxxon horde broke up and slithered off in quite a few instructions, again to their paintings. the place used to be Arbron? the place used to be Prince Alloran? i used to be misplaced and on my own at the Taxxon global. All i'll examine doing used to be heading towards the Skrit Na send. optimistically, my fellow Andalites will be there. I needed to remind myself that we had a project: the Time Matrix. If the Yeerks discovered what was once in that Skrit Na send, there will be no wish in any respect. Then, even though the picture was once fractured, I observed Hork-Bajir coming towards me. Six or seven of them, relocating in speedily. Surrounding me! there has been not anything i'll do. i could not run. A ten-foot-long computer virus doesn't outrun a Hork-Bajir. One Hork-Bajir-Controller swaggered up sooner than me. At a sign from him, the others all leveled Dracon beams directly at me. now not that they wanted ninety two Dracon beams. A Hork-Bajir can slice a Taxxon to ribbons in seconds. and that i had obvious what occurred to any Taxxon careless adequate to be injured. "Welcome to the Taxxon domestic world," the Hork-Bajir acknowledged. "I am Sub-Visser Seven. You curiosity me. convinced, certainly. i'm very drawn to any Taxxon who won't devour clean meat. " ninety three Morphing strength is a superb software. It permits Andalites to cross between many various species. It makes us the best spies within the galaxy. however it has an lousy quandary. you notice, in the event you remain greater than hours in morph, you remain there endlessly. You turn into a nothlit. An Andalite residing out his lifestyles in a special physique. That was once my maximum worry because the Hork-BajirControllers led me to a mag-lev educate motor vehicle. The sub-visser commandeered the teach automobile. He ordered everybody else off. I stood there, helpless, surrounded, because the mag-lev motor vehicle shot clear of the platform. It wound its method in the course of the maze of shipcradles, during the building staff who have been busy build up the may of the Yeerk Empire. The Yeerk sub-visser acknowledged not anything. He appeared nearly bored. He slouched his Hork-Bajir physique and watched the passing attractions gloomily. I watched him in addition to i'll with my Taxxon eyes.

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