The Brain: The Story of You

By David Eagleman

Locked within the silence and darkness of your cranium, your mind models the wealthy narratives of your truth and your identification. sign up for popular neuroscientist David Eagleman for a trip into the questions on the mysterious middle of our lifestyles. what's truth? who're “you”? How do you are making judgements? Why does your mind want other folks? How is expertise poised to alter what it ability to be human?  during his investigations, Eagleman courses us throughout the international of utmost activities, legal justice, facial expressions, genocide, mind surgical procedure, intestine emotions, robotics, and the quest for immortality.  Strap in for a whistle-stop travel into the internal cosmos. within the infinitely dense tangle of billions of mind cells and their trillions of connections, anything emerges that you just would possibly not have anticipated to work out in there: you. 
this can be the tale of the way your lifestyles shapes your mind, and the way your mind shapes your life. 

(A significant other to the six-part PBS sequence. colour illustrations throughout.)

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