The Minotaur Takes A Cigarette Break

By Steven Sherrill

5 thousand years on - and the Minotaur, or M as he's recognized to his colleagues, is operating as a line chef at Grub's Rib in Carolina, retaining to himself, conserving his horns down, making an attempt in useless to place his prior at the back of him. He leads an ordered way of life in a shabby trailer park the place he tinkers with autos, writes and re-writes to-do lists and observes the haphazard goings on round him. Outwardly managed, M attempts to conceal his emotional turmoil as he's transported deeper into the human international of deceit, confusion and want.

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There's a ring of skinny veiny leaves the place she stood enjoying the game; there are leaves scattered alongside the various steps to the money sign up. in simple terms while she stands at once in entrance of them does the Minotaur discover the skinny branches woven tightly to her scalp through the darkish hair and the slim teardrop-shaped leaves that appear to wilt earlier than their eyes. while Laurel seems to be on the Minotaur he thinks, he hopes, that it's a glimmer of popularity he sees crossing her face. yet as an alternative he sees simply millennia of fatigue and a slightly hid have to come again to her online game. “Will that be all? ” she asks. No, the Minotaur thinks. That day won't ever come. His unhappiness is surprising and entire. it's as though the Minotaur is asking into the previous and the longer term concurrently, and either are visions of desolation, of never-ending and murky vacancy. “Gas,” the Minotaur says, and walks out the door. Sweeny understands higher than to invite the Minotaur approximately it as soon as they’re again at the street. He talks. He tells a comic story a couple of Jew and a DustBuster that makes him chuckle for a minimum of 5 miles. “I don’t understand who on the earth I’m going to promote this factor to,” Sweeny says, conversing of the corn puppy trailer weaving alongside in the back of them. “Shit, M, for those who had any experience you’d purchase it your self. ” the idea had no longer happened to the Minotaur. The cab of the truck smells like beef skins for the remainder of the journey domestic. someplace close to the Georgia border the Minotaur hits an animal, an opossum or raccoon, might be, whatever sufficiently big to shatter a part of the grill on Sweeny’s truck whilst it will get thrown into the air. Sweeny is barely mildly annoyed. The Minotaur and Sweeny come back to Lucky-U prior to dawn. Sweeny will get out of the truck and directs the Minotaur with a flashlight and a few loud whistling whereas he backs the trailer into position within the entrance backyard. the entire time they’re unhitching it and atmosphere the leveling jacks, the Minotaur thinks approximately what Sweeny acknowledged. in advance of going to sleep for the couple hours left of the evening, the Minotaur wonders what Kelly could imagine. bankruptcy 21 The Minotaur goals himself in the course of the Roman alphabet— Abattoir Bovidae, Bull-roarer Crab claws Deacon’s bench, puppy typhus Echo, Echoic, Echoism, Echolalia, Echopractic, Echo cease Furred collar Gabriel ratchet, Gutting scaffold Hacksaw, Hamartia, Husbandry Isthmus of the fauces Jugs Kernel smut -lepsy Maidenhead spoon, Miter field Nimbostratus peculiar guy out, Omphaloskepsis Pamphleteer, Penitence, Prodigal Quickie Raddle, Roasting ear, Ruminant Staggered, Scuppernong, Sump pump Thicket, Tung oil Ungulate Valetudinarian, Vestigial Wattle and daub Xeno- Yolk stalk Zealotry CHAPTER 22 nonetheless the Minotaur is disconcerted by means of computerized doorways. this would be taken as a portent for his endlessly diminishing skill to slot in, to operate in a global swiftly turning out to be depending on know-how. yet he doesn’t imagine that some distance forward. Rexall medicines welcomes the Minotaur with a hydraulic hiss, and he startles.

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