The Wild Cat Book: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Cats

By Fiona Sunquist

From the traditional Egyptian cat goddess, Bastet, to the prophet Muhammad’s favourite cat, Muezza, and our modern obsession with on-line cat movies, pussycats have lengthy held a spot of honor of their human opposite numbers’ houses and cultures. however the household cat is only one of many tom cat species, and in The Wild Cat Book cat specialists Fiona and Mel Sunquist introduce us to the total panoply of the purring, roaring pussycat tribe.

Illustrated all through with Terry Whittaker’s incredible colour photos in addition to exact pictures from biologists within the field—some the best quality photos ever captured of exceedingly infrequent species—The Wild Cat Book not just tantalizes with the great thing about cats, but additionally serves as a useful and available reference on cat habit and conservation. complete entries for every of the thirty-seven cat species contain colour distribution maps and up to date info with regards to the species’ IUCN conservation and administration statuses, whereas informative sidebars demonstrate why male lions have manes (and why darkish manes are sexiest), how cats see with their whiskers, the reality in the back of our obsession with white lions and tigers, and why cats can’t be vegetarians. The Wild Cat Book additionally highlights the grave threats confronted by way of the world’s wild cats—from habitat destruction to human persecution.

From the intense acrobatics of the arboreal margay—able to hang to a tree department by way of a unmarried paw because of its strangely versatile ankles—to glossy declines in African lion populations, The Wild Cat publication is an instructive and revealing ode to pussycats of each dimension and colour. Combining technology, behavioral observations, and lovely images, this booklet will captivate cat fanciers the area over.

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Winters in Tibet and Mongolia are critical; temperatures might be very chilly: -58°F (-50°C)—colder than the temperature of a family freezer. there isn't a lot within the means of canopy to conceal at the back of at the bleak, treeless Mongolian steppe, and Pallas’s cats usually are not speedy runners, in order that they became masters of hiding in undeniable sight. Their small around ears are set up to now down at the facets of the top that the ideas of the ears are point with the outer nook of the cat’s eyes. This is helping them continue a low profile. while threatened, they crouch and lie flat at the floor, head down and motionless—pale, The squat, short-legged Pallas’s cat resembles a pug or Pekingese puppy. shaggy fur is helping them combination into the quick grass and rocks, they usually turn into virtually invisible. Pallas’s cats inhabit the high-altitude steppe grasslands and semi-desert parts of vital Asia. within the Tien Shan, Govi-Altai, and the Pamirs, the cat is located at elevations of 9,850 to 13,120 toes (3,000 to 4,000 m), yet such a lot files come from decrease elevations. In Ladakh the cat is located in barren, stony valleys and hilly terrain above the tree line, from 11,800 to 15,750 toes (3,600 to 4,800 m). Little rainfall, low humidity, and quite a lot of temperatures symbolize standard habitat for the Pallas’s cat. summer season excessive temperatures may perhaps succeed in 100°F (38°C); in principal Asia the wintry weather air temperature is often -58°F (-50°C), and blizzard is gentle and asymmetric. Pallas’s cats can't navigate deep, unfastened snow, and they're not often present in parts the place the snow is greater than four inches (10 cm) deep. those cats hunt by way of stalking or slowly creeping up on prey; they aren't solid or rather quickly runners, in order that they have to get shut ahead of pouncing. They hunt more often than not through sight, 181 182  l e o p a r d c a t l i n e a g e p a l l a s ’ s c a t â•… 1 eight three Pallas’s cats reside in relevant Asia, in semidesert components with rocky outcrops. They spend the day in caves, rock crevices, and marmot burrows, rising in past due afternoon to start searching. 184 l e o p a r d c at l i n e ag e Pallas’s cats are terrible runners and depend upon camouflage to creep just about prey. The cat’s low-set ears are variations for searching in open terrain. utilizing the sparse crops as stalking conceal. Their low-set ears and flat brow are variations for searching in open terrain, permitting the cat to look over rocks or low trees with no exposing an excessive amount of of its head. Pallas’s cats feed on a wide diversity of small rodents, bugs, birds, and carrion. In parts the place pikas are universal, they turn into the cat’s favourite prey, making up greater than part their nutrition. Pallas’s cats wish to hunt those four. 5-ounce (125 g) rodents simply because they're higher than gerbils and jerboas. As could be anticipated of a cat that lives in this type of harsh weather, the Pallas’s cat is a seasonal breeder: so much litters are born in April and should. for plenty of cat species, or 3 kittens in a muddle are the rule of thumb, yet Pallas’s cats have huge litters; to 4 kittens are universal, and as many as 5 or 6 isn't strange.

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