Why Pi?

By Johnny Ball

This interesting follow-up to DK's well known Go Figure!, Why Pi? offers much more mind-bending how one can take into consideration numbers. This time, writer Johnny Ball makes a speciality of how humans have used numbers to degree issues throughout the a while, from the methods the traditional Egyptians measured the pyramids to how sleek scientists degree time and area.
Johnny Ball has hosted greater than 20 united kingdom children's tv sequence approximately math and technological know-how. he's recognized for making math not only effortless to appreciate, yet really enjoyable and engaging. His exhibits and video clips earned him a brand new York foreign EMMY nomination, a BAFTA, and 10 different awards. He has written 5 children's books, together with DK's Go Figure!, and an academic musical. His educational credentials comprise 3 honorary technology doctorates and fellowship of the British Mathematical organization.

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