Zoolarious Animal Jokes for Kids

By Rob Elliott

All young children love animals, and all children like to snort. Now the writer of the preferred Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for children bargains an all-new selection of animal-themed jokes that may have younger animal fans rolling within the aisles.

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A: He dropped its trunk. Q: What occurred whilst the giraffes had a race? A: They have been neck and neck the entire time. Q: Why didn’t the llama get any dessert? A: He wouldn’t consume his llama beans (lima beans). Q: What does a cat do whilst he desires popcorn in the course of the motion picture? A: He pushes the paws button. Knock, knock! Who’s there? Elephant. Elephant who? You forgot to feed the elephant?! Knock, knock! Who’s there? Badger. Badger who? I’ll cease badgering you in case you enable me in! Q: What do polar bears consume for lunch? A: Iceberg-ers. Q: how will you inform if a moose has been on your freezer? A: by way of the moose tracks. Q: What did one cat say to the opposite cat? A: “Can you listen me meow? ” Knock, knock! Who’s there? Lion. Lion who? give up lion round and solution the door already! sufferer: health practitioner, i've got an issue. i believe I’m a moth. medical professional: I don’t imagine you need to be seeing me. i believe you would like a psychiatrist! sufferer: i do know, yet i used to be on my approach there and that i observed you had your mild on. sufferer: general practitioner, i feel I’m a fowl. physician: How lengthy have you ever been feeling this fashion? sufferer: Ever considering that i used to be a bit egg. different Books by means of Rob Elliott Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for children 88 nice Daddy-Daughter Dates (as Rob Teigen, with Joanna Teigen) web site: www. revellbooks.

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